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  • Fredag 17. september 2010, fra 21:00 til 02:00

Epic and pompous, dreamy and sore, powerful and raw.
Mix it together with rock and electronica and you've got the essence of 3500 Mhz.

The band hails from Tønsberg in Norway, and have become renowned for their beautifully dreamy yet punchy approach to rock music. One song will make you fly, while the next will smash you to the ground again.

On stage the 6-piece band plays as if their lives are depending on it, displaying enormous energy and love for what they do! They've also developed a great interest in the visual parts of performing, such as light, shadow, graphics and effects.

So between the dynamic sound, the raw energy and the visual spectacle, these shows just might be something you wouldn't want to miss!

Hør noen smakebiter på: http://www.myspace.com/3500mhz