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St .Patricks@Boondocks, your local IRISH PUB w/live Irish Music

St .Patricks@Boondocks, your local IRISH PUB w/live Irish Music

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  • Torsdag 16. mars 2017, fra 19:00
  • Fredag 17. mars 2017, fra 15:00
  • Lørdag 18. mars 2017, fra 12:00
  • Søndag 19. mars 2017, fra 19:00

We're extending this weekend for y'all :)
THURSDAY, we open up at 7pm to start the decorating and preparations for the big day. At 10pm we'll start to fire up with the band for the festivitus, The Reeling Rovers. This night theres NO CoverCharge :)

FRIDAY, we open at 3PM, Come on in for the Craic, there will be a lot of green and suprices :D, there will be CoverCharce(usual 50,-) from 9pm(even if you're already there) Band on stage from 10pm

SATURDAY, OPEN FROM 12pm (why stop now) lets just continue this,(more info on this day will come) CC50 from 9pm, band on from 10pm

SUNDAY, open from 7pm, Jamsession from 10pm, with the musicians from The Reeling Rovers, No CC for this night :)

Cead Mile Failte


Boondocks Hideout

Rådhusgaten 2, Tønsberg

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