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House Shaker with Droydi & live trumpet

House Shaker with Droydi & live trumpet


  • Lørdag 4. oktober 2014, fra 23:00



Lørdag 4.Oktober shaker Harbour løs med DJ Droydi bak spakene! Denne kvelden har han med seg en av norges beste trumpetister - Peder trumpet!

Vi gir deg 3 etasjer - 3 - dansegulv - 3 konsepter på ett og samme sted!

100% party garanti!!

Sted: 2.etasje Harbour Tønsberg
Tid: 23:00
ID: 20 år

:::Harbour stedet som rocker brygga:

André Lucas Carvalho a.k.a. droydi

Born and bred in the metropolitan area of São Paulo, Brazil, and is stationed at the southern coast of Norway, where he is continuously working and developing his love for music. At an age of 17 droydi got his hands on his first pair of borrowed decks, and instantly began experimenting by mixing different music genres and was soon doing everything from playing at local venues, DJ-ing at business events to co-hosting full blown underground parties.

His frequent visits and participation at events in countries around Euorpe has bridged the gap between droydi and the European club scene.

When he is not performing, he spends most of his time in the studio working on his music, and participating in productions with the Norwegian DJ & Producer, Mats Gulbrandsen. His first official release was a Remix on Pacha Recordings, December 2013.

During the early part of 2009 droydi established his own night club, Lipz, a daughter company operating under the ALC Corp-brand. Lipz quickly grew into being a well known club-scene along the southern coast of Norway, playing electronic music for the masses of young clubbers. He sold his shares and left the project at the end of 2011.



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